Easy Eagles Bylaws

1. The Easy Eagle Club is a nonprofit social organization of men in the Eagle River area (considered approximately a 20 mile radius) with the purpose to foster fellowship and acquaintance. Political, charitable and controversial causes are banned as subject matter for all meetings. Contributions of club funds, and workers are banned from such activities and causes including civic functions.

2. Business will be conducted by a president, vice president, combined office of a secretary-treasurer, program chairman and webmaster chairman, elected annually in December for calendar year. The officers constitute board of directors with authority limited by the bylaws of the club and may not commit club to indebtedness.

3. Club will meet during the noon of every other week, at a day, place and time set periodically by majority vote of membership. Club calendar will provide for two annual couples’ parties suitable to the club majority. Meeting dates in conflict with holidays may be eliminated. Club calendar must be set annually.

4. Membership open to retired and active business and professional men. Total club membership ratio should ideally be 60 percent retirees, 40 percent active businessmen. Retiree membership total must always be a majority.

5. Membership committee will consist of three officers and three club members as elected by the officers to serve calendar year terms. Committee has sole authority to approve or disapprove of proposed member for any reason they deem sufficient. New members may be proposed by club members in written form to the club officers with the concurrence of at least three current members.

6. Annual membership dues will be determined in December by vote of board of directors effective for calendar year. Arrangements for food and food charges will be determined solely by officers, changed periodically, as necessary.

7. Noon program will provide minimum of one hour of fellowship and dining, 10 minutes for general business and discussion and 20 minutes for programs – with meeting automatically terminated without need for action by officers or members, after total of 90 minutes.

8. Memberships automatically terminated because of nonpayment of dues by June 1 for each year. Officers will send notice of membership termination to any club member whose conduct has been considered improper, or who has shown disinterest by not attending approximately six meeting a year.

9. Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the membership.

10. Maximum club membership limit will be set by the club officers.

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